Lupercio Mundim

          Lupércio Mundim, the owner of Brazil Awards, is a Brazilian webmaster that already created more of 100 sites for itself, for friends and for non-lucrative organisations, between his sites are one rating service, two award programs, one ethics program and one award index, that collaborated for the highlight of Brazil in the international award community.

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Memorial JK
The Memorial Juscelino Kubitschek, in Brasília, have mirrors of water, the ramps of access, the green one of the lawn and of the gardens that frame the monumental building, all in white marble, give him plastic beauty and appropriate dignity with its purposes. A pedestal of concrete assembled, measuring 28m of height, put up by a structure, also in concrete, keep and protects, as hand in form of seashell, the statue of the President Juscelino that waves for the city that built. Work of Honório Peçanha, made in bronze, with 4.50 meters and 1,500 kilos.

Juscelino is the Brazilian President most beloved by the people, a man of character and beautiful ideals.

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