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          The photos presented in these pages are of authorship of the owner of this award program, Lupércio Mundim, and were obtained in Brasilia, Federal Capital of Brazil, and Goiânia, Capital of the State of Goiás. These cities were chosen because they have been planned and present many architectural and natural appeals. Beyond this Lupércio lives in Goiânia and always is passing seasons in Brasilia, where lives his only sister. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix P510 with 16,1 megapixels and 42x zoom.

Palace of Justice
Conceived by Oscar Niemeyer, the building of the Department of Justice was finished in 1972, after ten years of arduous work. fresh waterfalls immersing in the mirror of water, scattered gardens, footbridges, full glasss looked to affirm it idealized perfection of the work. However Niemeyer, that did not accompany the construction, upon seeing her, got a fright: something in him fled to what to have imagined. It modified the curvature of the gutters which way itself uncovered in waterfalls to crystalline water, withdrew the marble of the facades and determined: "Now it is ready and finished".

This building is next to the National Congress building.

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