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          I, Lupércio Mundim, owner of this award program, I commit myself to act according to the Code of Ethics (COE) and to follow the precepts below:

  • Evaluate the sites of all applicants with positiveness and impartiality, following the criteria established in this program;

  • No injure any applicant in any hypothesis, guarantee that each petitioner receive a result according to his merits;

  • Do not sell or revise for third the information received in the act of the application or of the evaluation of the site;

  • Guarantee a cordial handling to all of the applicants, revising to who do the requisition all the information and necessary explanations;

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          We guarantee the total privacy of our applications, therefore do not we file any information as name or email of the applicants neither we will revise such information for third. In our pages of winners we will place only the following information:

  • Screenshot (if is the Gold Award);

  • Website name;

  • URL or address of the website;
  • Date of awarding;
  • Laudatio (if is the Gold Award);

This painting, named "Nest of Macaws", was painted by the renowned plastic artist Graça Estrela, been born and resident in the State of Goiás, that already carried out many expositions and was prize-winning in several countries of the world.

Graça specialized itself in the painting of macaws, doing several journeys to portray-them in its natural habitats.

The macaws are considered like a symbol of Brazil because present in its feathers the colors of our beautiful flag.

See her pretty paintings visiting the official site of Graça Estrela:

Graça was born in the same city than I, Ipameri - Goiás State.

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